Patrizia – Naughty call girl also offers surplus men by arrangement

Passion is a powerful driver and I can tell you that is what each of us wants. Each of us wants to have something, to love something, to have a husband or two for a night. And you can have that. I will be for you and be exactly what everyone wants for you. I will give you what no one else can have but everyone wants to have. I will give you whatever you want. I will give you what any man can use. What do you say? It’s worth it, isn’t it? Yeah, I’m sure you want that. And you get it. You want it, I want it too. Let’s go.

My data:
Age: 22
Bust: 75 B
Confection: 32
Size: 165
Hairy: Unhaired
Nationality: Hungary
Languages: German English

Natural sparkling wine: 10 €
games (active): 10 €
games (passive): 10 €
Lesbian games: 20 €
Erotic massage: 15 €
Facial inseration: 20 €
Male surplus per 30 min. 1 man: 40 €
French kisses with sympathy: 20 €
Couple (man and woman): 40 €
Doctoral games: 30 €
Role Playing Games Special: 30 €

Service included:
French with; Erotic massage; straps on request; high heels on request; Body insemination; Change of position; Hand relaxation; Cuddling / cuddling; Shower & bath games; Foot eroticism; Light finger games; Traffic possible several times; Kiss; Serves disabled people; Verbal eroticism; Egg licking; Facesitting; Truck or car;