Ewa – Charming models from Russia caress with light finger games in the Love Apartment

With you I would do anything that is possible when the lights are out. And you know what I mean by that. I will put all my strength, the strength of my fingers, into it and let you feel what can happen. I can move my hands so well, you’ve never seen that before, but you will. Very soon. So best look forward to it. Because I can’t wait to do you so many good things that you don’t even know which way is up or down. This is what I want and what should happen. I want to do anything with you. And you are supposed to express your wishes and you are supposed to tell me that it feels good.

My data:
Age: 23
Bust: 80 A
Clothing: 34
Size: 167
Nationality: Russia
Languages: little German English

games (active): 10 €
games (passive): 10 €
French kisses: 30 €
Body insemination: 10 €
Facial inseration: 30 €
Striptease: 15 €
Foot erotic: 10 €
Light finger games: € 10
Egg licking: 20 €
Facesitting: € 10

Service included:
straps on request; Change of position; Cuddling / cuddling; Traffic possible several times; Kiss; Serves disabled people; Verbal eroticism; Truck or car;